Tunnel Of Love in Ukraine Most Romantic Place in Ukraine

Tunnel of love Ukraine

The TUNNEL OF LOVE is the most romantic place in west of Ukraine

If I call it a mesmerising marvel of nature causing dumb amazement or a deep outcry of surprise you may call me a sentiment adorer of nature.

You cannot be sceptical for what I say is reality itself. What really is it I am trying to tell you?  Well … this tunnel of love is nothing but an industrial railway neal Klevan in Ukraine.

It starts at Klevan station on Kovel-Rhine. The whole line is about 6.4 km in length and about 4.9 km is covered by forest on either side.

This railway splits into two and one line leads to Klevan while the other leads to a secret military base belonging to the cold war era.

The trees alongside the railway track is a result of a deliberate attempt made by man to cover the railway with planting of trees.

However, now this looks ever so mysterious a product of nature with its green arches. The tunnel of love is kept trimmed not by the movement of the military trams but by the industrial freight trains transporting plywood from the plywood factory in Orzhiv.

Tunnel of Love west Ukraine

Plywood produced using Birch trees are transported using this railway track. The tunnel of love is about 100 m away from the factory. So this is the tunnel of love in Ukraine.

Its importance is clearly seen in the number of tourists who are both local and foreign, who haunt his sylvan phenomena to see its green arches that give it the appearance of a green tunnel.

It is popular among love birds who come here to walk through this tunnel hand in hand with such romantic outlook of mood as if to hide themselves from the rest of the world and feel inexpressible, genuine love in this sylvan location.

Also the newly weds find the tunnel of love a real treasure house of nature with its unique beauty and they are ever so willing to capitalize on this location to add beauty to their memorable wedding photos.

What with the presence of tourists, what with the haunting of couples in love and what with the newly weds having their photo shoots, the train operators find it really hard to operate.

However, the tunnel of love enjoys its popularity like mad and the number of tourists are on the increase now that information about this green phenomenon is available on the social media and the Internet.

There, indeed, is no official protection and it does not have a guardian either. The attempt to cut trees just to help trains move smoothly was met with objections and it was given up once and for all.

That is to say, without state patronizing or guardianship this place is protected with the love of public in Ukraine. This, for sure a heritage or a birthright of the public of Ukraine now.

Oh the traveller, you can feast your eyes on a live and vivid picture of a green tunnel, made up of trees. Yeah, green arches encapsulating the presence of a railway.

For the romantic nature lover nature at its supremacy of beauty is seen in the eye catching, enticing, flashingly spectacular natural beauty contrasted with the railway and trains representing the direct opposite of romantic beauty – that is industrialization.

tunnel love Ukraine

This beautiful location inspires poetic thoughts, on the aesthetically inclined individuals, it inspires tranquility of the mind. It inspires wonder at the marvellous creation of this sylvan phenomenon.

And for the people in Ukraine it inspires nothing but national pride for having inherited such a unique place of beauty to make Ukraine well known throughout  the globe.

Nestled in this way in Klevan as a creation – yeah, a creation of nature as a result of man’s involvement in his industrial endeavour.

That is, in his creation of the railway line. The tunnel of love is an everlasting beauty in your memory once and for all if ever you happen to get the experience. You can relive this experience later at any moment with it spectacular natural beauty.

To get to this location, the tunnel of love, it is not advisable to use the bus with the problem of language barrier as the reason.

Klevan, being a rural town in Ukraine is located nearby Rivne which is one of the biggest transportation hubs in Ukraine.

You could possibly use either the train or the bus. Trains could be a better mode of transport than the bus. There is no flexibility in your travel arrangement with trains, though.

Travel in one fast train between Kiev and Rivne. There are trains that take 7 hours which means a great waste of your time. Bus rides are more flexible, faster and are better catered to your requirements though there is the possibility of the language barrier if you do not know the language.

Buying tickets for busses beforehand is advisable for they throng with locals usually. Taking possession of a seat cannot be guaranteed, though.

You can also get a mini bus from Rivne. They start as early as 5 am. There, usually is a big crowd there. Look for a bus with the sign Klevan. It takes 45 minutes.

You go through the most rural landscape of Ukraine. It costs you 18 UAH. As soon as you get to Klevan, be on the lookout on the right side of the road for a white arrow pointing to the direction to the Tunnel Of Love. If you are in doubt you might as well ask the driver of the halt to get off.

You could possibly take a taxi which would cost about $25 in total and only takes three hours. My recommendation is that you make arrangements once you get accommodation to find a fairly priced taxi. Though you can go by train or by bus I strongly recommend travelling by car or taxi.

Try Rivne Hostel. This is clean and comfortable with bunk beds with individual lights and outlets. However, the toilets and the sink are in separate rooms. So are the showers.

That is not a problem at all, though. You could also try hotels. However check out best Rivne hotel prices beforehand.

Your visit to the Tunnel Of Love is an exploration to a natural treasure trove. So make much of  your visit and get the maximum of its beauty.

Plan your travel arrangements and accommodation and choose the best options. A visit made to this sylvan tunnel, is endowed with romance, love, beauty and amazement.

Yeah, happiness is what matters mate. Let me conclude with once assurance, that is what you gain when you visit the Tunnel Of Love the money you spend is not indeed a loss.

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Yuriy Personal Tour Guide in Odessa – Organising Tours & fun You Need in Odessa

Yuriy Personal Tour Guide in Odessa – Organising Tours & fun You Need in Odessa

Hello! My name is Yuriy or Call me Jack

I am a tour guide and an organiser in my hometown city of Odessa in the  very south of Ukraine and Odessa  belongs to some of the most beautiful part of Ukraine.

I have been live in the City since my birth and I know every place in my little City  and all the things that happens day by day. My home is just around the corner.

I have travelled to few countries around the world   and it is with great delight that i say that I have worked in Dubai for Few years as a tour Guide.

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Angela Tour Guide – Best Apartments – Nightlife in Kiev

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hi!!! Iam Angela. I’m your tourist guide. I have lived in Kiev for more than 20 years, and I know how many wonderful places there are in this city.

My student years have passed here, there were many wonderful moments and I want to share all these locations with you. Go on a trip to the magic places of ancient Kiev – is not it wonderful? For example, Witch Mountain, night journey to Lusuy Gora,

secret benches, where you can make a wish, which is sure to come true! In Kiev, there are many wonderful apartment suites, which are located in the heart of the capital, and I am happy to provide you with this accommodation, a meeting at the station, and will accompany you around the city.

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I am a recreation specialist, entertainment guru, and a connoisseur of all nightclubs in Kiev. I know all the places in the city where you can fully relax, feeling at home. I also know.

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Tania Tour Guide for Chernobyl in Ukraine

Tania Tour Guide for Chernobyl in Ukraine

 Your Tour Guide Tania in Kiev for fun Travel In Ukraine

Hello friends! Here is just a bit of my self introduction. I am called Tania and I am going to be your guide. Hope you would find myself an asset on your visit to Ukraine.

I would like to share with you some facts about myself. I was lucky enough to be born in independent Ukraine. I always go back in time at work, though.

Learning history is what I am into and I enjoy it very much. At the same time I always try to provide my clients with new facts and current developments in my country.

I studied in a new school and my greatest passion ended me up with my entering Nizhyn State University where I studied foreign languages.

There was nothing special which is worth mentioning or there occurred no outstanding incidents during the course of my academic years.

I should call it really an ordinary life of a student ardently bent upon pursuing my target with  all possible capabilities in my whole self.That is all that my imagination can have access to about the period of my study at University.

Tania  Personal Qualities 

Gladly I would like to call myself a person who likes black and white colours. That speaks volumes for my being a person of extremes.

Here is a short account about my taste about my leisure. When it comes to leisure, my preference is either to stay at home and read or to go somewhere visiting places I have never been before.

I firmly believe that as a guide I should learn about the places in my country and if not it would cause embarrassment if I fail to provide my clients with the right kind of facts about my own country.

I have visited Odessa,Crimea,Carpathians  etc. It helps me discover my own land. I have never been abroad. I aspire to visit India, Brazil, Egypt and entire Europe and they are in my list definitely.

Nowadays the world, the whole world has been influenced by communication. Working with people, having non verbal ways of communication like eye contact which results in immediate feedback makes me enthusiastically get myself involved as a tour guide.

“Tania” Your friendly Tour Guide Specialised  in Chernobyl Tour

Unlike other tour guides my work place  maybe one of the most unusual in the world. It is Chernobyl. It is a fair guess that some may call me a bit crazy to go there almost everyday. My answer, however, is Hey there! I still do not glow at night.

When speaking more seriously, being an envoy officer of the excursion zone means being responsible for every member of my group and guiding them at every step they make after crossing the border. If I call the historical part of my work in Chernobyl very alluring it is a reality.

Letting the guest know about the historical facts about the touch of the USSR of our country gives me a unique opportunity to show off my massive knowledge of it.

And I really want to make most of it. Meeting new people and making the whole world receive a new vision of the biggest nuclear disaster in the world is what makes me wake up in the morning.

That is just a bit about me. Once you step on to Ukraine find yourself greatly helped to the fullest satisfaction of yourself. Yes. I am Tania, the tour guide of your dreams!

Contact  Tania Here for Tour in Ukraine 

Alex – Meet Kiev Personal Tour Guide – Best Nightlife Tour with Alex

Alex – Meet Kiev Personal Tour Guide – Best Nightlife Tour with Alex

Alex Your Friendly Tour Guide in Kiev 

Hello there! I am Alex and I am your tour guide on your visit to Kiev city. I was born and bred in this beautiful city.  Well, it is since my birth that I have been living here.

So it means so much to me and to you the enthusiastic traveller who comes here to make much of your visit for your valuable time and money.

Alex knowledge about the city is awakening and virtually perfect and am able to guide you to its central and unique attractions and places, all places of sightseeing and walking paths.

These places have great attractions and you the visitors will be able to satisfy your whims and fancies to your entire fulfilment. This I, assure you for I know the city inside out.

Let me tell you a bit about my early age. I was born in former USSR time and its memories are resounding in me. But I do  recall time to time that unique  past because it was actually interesting.

My school was called 309 which was a little School. There really was nothing much but school life. Yeah, It was interesting time.

My favourite colours are beige, pink, white, black and jeans colour.

I am into many activities including sports, yoga, travelling, snowboarding,using the gym and listening to latest  music and my favourite is RNB, also, good dance club music when I’m out.

I am also fond of kids, animals, especially dogs, pandas and dolphins. To tell you the truth I dream of making my own kids one day. How about fruits? Yeah, I really, really like mangoes and passion fruit.

Types of drinks – There … It sounds how selective I am when it comes to talking about my taste … oh yes I like fresh mango, passions-fruit and pineapple drinks. Mmm … yes also some Cocktails &  mocktail Martini Asti  too but not everyday you know.

Where I have Travelled

I have travelled to many cities in Turkey. Cypress, Lebanon, Goa India and Egypt are some of them. If you asked me, which was my favourite out of this list I’d have to say, unreservedly, that all of them won my heart and taste and I liked them all like mad.

Let me tell you more about myself… After school I entered university. My university was academy of statistics, accounting and auditing.

I am an economist and got myself  involved in a job soon after I finished my studies. The job was so boring that I got fed up soon. Having to get up early and to stay sitting down till late evening and its inaction made it so boring a job.

Why I am a Tour Guide Today

I am a person who likes people. I possess characteristics that are essential for a tour guide. I am friendly and easy going and can understand other cultures and customs.

My love for being active and move about rather than sit at a desk all day and work drove me towards choosing this profession.

Now, I am confident that I am on the right path. I do what I like to do and I feel that I’m well happy about my life style and the jobs right now..

Alex tour

Oh yeah, I am your Trusted Personal Tour Guide Alex

I, who am a LOCAL  of Kiev who is really fond of  Kiev because of its enchanting, dazzling nature and character filled with beauty, rich history and culture, is always at your service. So do count on me.

I am Alex your Tour Guide with a great passion and love for Kiev city and the best I can do for you, the enthusiastic traveller is showing you around the city to get the best of your visit.

In fact, for me, every tour is a new journey and has a character of its own. My guests are who trust me for their guidance are also unique to me.

I try my best to guide them to experience the best of sightseeing tours in Kiev. Directing them to the best tourist destinations, such as attractions, restaurants, museums and theatres and also to less known hidden spots of utter personal concern is my duty. Indeed, I guarantee 100% secrecy to guard your privacy on your visit.

I can show you our country and historic landmarks guide you to our cultural events and guide you, like no other, to the nightlife fantasy of Kiev.

I have showed you myself not only from my own personal point of view, but from much of the feedback I have got from the travellers who enjoyed my guidance and who enjoyed their visit to the best of their satisfaction. Oh, yeah, to the best of their satisfaction and to the best value of money they spent on holiday in Ukraine.

If ever you wanna contact me do not hesitate. I am at your service and I am ever so devoted to you. So come to Ukraine and seek my guidance to make much of your visit.

Cheers mate!  Contact KievFun 

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