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Kiev Escort Girls

Warmly welcome to the hottest KIEV ESCORT Girls Travel blog. I’m writing here about my experience to share with fellow tourists to Ukraine. In this blog, I love to explain some of the issues tourists are facing in Kiev or Ukraine in general. Why Kiev Escort Girls? Kiev in Ukraine one of the sex paradise for sex seekers. Ukraine has doted in Red on the global SEX map.

True Nature of Kiev Escort Girls

kiev escort Ukraine

Kiev Escort agencies are well-organized sex providers. All those agencies have well connected to foreigners as well as local business people. Most kiev girls are working for few escorts agencies, strip clubs, or as independents hookers on online websites, on Tinder, or other social media.

Why Do You Need Trusted Kiev Escort Agency?

Earlier, I have mentioned that Kiev in Ukraine is the best sex paradise. So, Many luxury businesses are providing luxury escort services, elite escort services directly. On the other hand, Indirectly, places such as local strip clubs, dancing clubs, illegal brothels, lap-dance bars, and cabarets. Most elite escort girls are flying worldwideBut services aren’t that great.

Is It Easy to Find Best Escort Agency in Kiev Ukraine?

No. Well, I was in Kiev for several times over the last ten years. But I didn’t find many excellent escort services in Kiev. Either good one so expensive or cheap one will send you an old fat lady to your room. Finally, when I was in Kiev mid this year, I did find this one. The name of the Kiev Escort Agency with real pictures. Since then, I have used this Kiev escort for several times. And they always provided the right girl they promise. I would say that price a little higher, but you get the right girls to have fun you want to have.

Different Type of Escort Services in Kiev

Most agencies as well as Kiev Escort Agency in Kiev has a different type of service categories such as:

  1. General Call-In/Call Out Services
  2. VIP Service  
  3. Elite Service
VIP sex Service

General Call-In/Call Out Services

Many Kiev Escort girls are doing this type of service. One agency named as on google search independent escort in Kiev. But those agencies have no control over images. Most of those profiles are fake because Kiev escort girls sign up from other end and upload pictures as they like to do. Also, General service ladies don’t speak words of English in most situations. My recommendation and I wouldn’t go to an independent type of service. But it can be cheaper and all your choices.

VIP Service

VIP services girls are most cases working only for well-operated agencies, check images, and Bio-data of girls. Those girls are working in an office in professional categories jobs. Jobs like: Somehow, those ladies need some extra cash.

  • Doctors
  • Enginers
  • Accounts
  • Administrators 
  • Teachers
  • Economists and many more

So, those Kiev Escort girls are working in the Sex industry to earn some money as a part-time. By the way, I would choose the VIP service on Escort Agency Even though the prices little high, I know for sure that this agency has control over images and profiles are genuine. On the other hand, VIP service girls are like to have a good time with customers because they aren’t tired of having sex 20 times a day. Also, they speak good English.

Elite Service

Many super modeling girls are doing Elite Kiev escort. Elite service all about going on holiday together or long booking a super quality lady for a long term business purpose. She will provide all you need care, love, and sensual relaxation services. By the way, I did book a 20 years old lady from Kiev escort agency for five days to Bali. Also, I paid around U$ 5000,00 plus air tickets. She was an incredible and happy little girl. Also, she is very passionate about sex and sensual services. Ones, She found another lady from the USA on the beach of the Resort we stayed in Bali. They became good friends, and we end up in 3 ways for a few days.

Book Your Kiev Escort Girl Here

Book an Escort in Kiev

Above all, Kiev is a great city for you to have fun with the world sexiest Slavic ladies. If you want to have proper relaxation with sexual fantasies? Kiev will be the ideal city. The city itself has all the facilities to be the most excellent sex tourism destinations on our global sex map. After All, Booking the right lady, match all you need can be very complicated. Somehow, the best things about  Kiev escort agency has all the information you need to choose right kiev escort girls from 100 of perfect profiles. This website has given even pussy shape you to choose from the list. I would instead go to pussy shape six and Virgo with blond and skinny.

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Saperavi Georgian Restaurant in Kiev

Saperavi in Kiev

Saperavi Georgian Restaurant in Kiev Ranking Among Best Restaurants in Kiev City of Ukraine. 

They call the modern capital city a place of pride traffic noise and a place with the tempo of life which is fast. However, it is surprising that in the heart of Kiev with the largest number of buildings transport and people that have concentrated there.

Mariinsky park is an excellent piece of nature.

Yes, Saperavi is just there.

What a great comfort for the eyes for you after seeing so many buildings in the city. It is a place of chilling out in the natural surrounding. You can release your stress and tension and get away from worries of this mundane care.

This indeed is an enticing place close to the Water Museum and where could you find a new restaurant serving Georgian cuisine if not here? 

It serves varieties of dishes which are likable and expensive. You feel like being in Georgia when you are at Saperavi. Why is it so?

Well.. you get genuine Georgian dishes, dished out in a real Georgian vibe with the manners and cultural aspect of Georgia with the just the same manner of Georgian hospitality. It is, in fact, like being in Georgia!

We highly recommend that you visit Saperavi – one of the best Kiev restaurants and dive into an ocean of delight as it almost takes you to the ancient traditions of Iberia.

The kitchen of Saperavi is unique with its diverse skill to cater to the most insatiable of food lovers who look for novelty in taste from every dish they enjoy. Such food connoisseurs find complete satisfaction to their utter bewilderment.

Here is a specialty of the chef – river trout stuffed with spinach and salmon. There are also seven varieties of Kebab, chic kuda hari (Georgian meat pie), spicy Khachapuri from the master from Adjara, hot and sizzling on ketsi (which is like a red hot pan) meat and fish dishes a lot of veggies which are green and everything well known in the entire world chacha or a huge selection of classic wines.

Many products, prickles, cheeses, spices and sweetmeats from Georgia are supplied here. What great delight for the most ungratified gourmets!

Contact Kievfun for Nightlife Tour  -or  See Kiev Nightlife on Travellerhints.

Saperavi Georgian Restaurant on Google Map Here!

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Services – Best Service Continues to Provide our Customers to Kiev Ukraine


           Available Services from Kievfun  

  • Kiev Private City Tours

Explore some of the best parts of Kiev with private guided and guided tours. Discover Kiev’s museums, stunning architecture, historical monuments and gorgeous views from amazing spots and romantic places.

You will also not miss the best of Kiev’s nightlife – one of the most exciting parties you will ever go to, right in Ukrainian capital.

Services City Tours

 A day tour starts any chosen time of the day, although we would totally recommend you to take the two days tour – it’s all worth it! If you want to enjoy the city to its fullest, three-day tours are available as well.

Contact us for your preferred availability and any time changes or questions. Indeed, all beautiful spots and historical interests are covered within the tour.

If you would rather be part of the nightlife tour (to enjoy some of the exquisite parties in the capital), you should choose the Friday or Saturday one.

However, nightlife tours are available throughout the entire week, weekend is the best choice.

The tour covers all the top nightclubs for you to enjoy the true Kiev nightlife experience, as well as to show you where to meet some of the most beautiful ladies in Ukraine.

Kiev hotels


Our experience and knowledge about Kiev serve as the best guide in terms of many things, accommodation included.

When it comes to hotels, hostels or apartments with various services and budgets, we will help you to make the best choice for your needs.

Let us find you a comfortable a cozy place to lay your head for the night for the best deal!

From all types – hotels, hostels, or private apartments – we would recommend you the last mentioned ones for the highest privacy and freedom. Wonder why?

Services Hotels rooms

Kiev Accommodation Arrangement – Hints & Tips

One of the biggest deal breakers is – Kiev apartments are really affordable, almost cheap, compared to hotels in the capital.

They also offer you the highest possible privacy. They are widely available at convenient locations, often offering some impressive views.

Most of the apartments in Kiev are located in the heart of the city centre. Staying in the convenient distance to the centre and all the must visit places will save you time, money and lots of effort.

This could be truly a plus to anyone, especially when backpacking and travelling from and to a different country.

Kiev Hotels also Recommended

On the other hand, there are options when it comes to hotels which are available in the city or directly in the city centre. Ranging from 1 to 5 stars, you won’t have troubles finding what you’re looking for.

In reality, a 5 star hotel does not necessarily mean the best possible service and location. Use our knowledge and experience of the local accommodation system – a tour guide will gladly help you through your decision!

We are also happy to provide you with helpful information and personal advice before you decide to book any accommodation in the city on your own.

services airport pick up

Airport PickUp in Kiev & Other Services

Using the personal pickup service will save you the struggle trying to get a cab or any kind of public transportation directly at the airport.

It will also save you plenty of time and prevent you from waiting and having to face the language barrier.

Some of the largest difficulties can be the language barrier, different customs and habits, imprecise locations or being an aim of victims of over-charging as you are an inexperienced tourist without a knowledge of the local language

Airport Pick-Up Tips & Tricks


Make sure you are booking your flight to the major airports – Boryspil International Airport (KBP/UKBB) or Kyiv Zhuliany International Airport ( IEV/UKKK), it is the nearest and most accessible one.

  • Kyiv Zhuliany International Airport ( IEV/UKKK), it is the nearest and most accessible one.
  • Boryspil International Airport (KBP/UKBB) is the  major International and frequently flights availability.

This airport provides facilities for both international and domestic flights. It has a great location with a close distance to (10 km) the city centre of Ukrainian capital city..

Best option is Boryspil International Airport (KBP/UKBB), another major airport with both international and domestic flights. This one is around 35 km far from Kiev.

Therefore Boryspil International Airport (KBP/UKBB) would be the best option. Both your travel time and costs will be put down to minimum and even during a peak time, the travel time will pass quickly.

Our driver and a guide will pick you up from the airport. We will take you to your accommodation where you will be welcomed with an open heart.

You will also see some of the city and the closest surrounding from the car seat to get some idea about the city on your first day.

Let us assist you with all your needs, wishes or questions with the proper care and highest attention.

We can always recommend some other extended services for our clients/travellers, thanks to our trusted tour partners – not only in Kiev, but also in suburbs.

The tour guide of Kiev has always extended his/her service to travellers to Kiev with our recommended other tour partners in Kiev and its suburbs. Some of those are for instance:

best service

Other Services

Kiev Adventure

  • Helicopter ride above Kiev
  • Flying in an aircraft in Kiev
  • Skydiving in Kiev
  • Sky Balloons in Kiev
  • And much more
  • Special Services

Special Services

  • Best Shopping in Kiev
  • Personal Services
  • Dating Translator
  • Initial Business Set up
  • Ukraine Government Documents Help etc.                                                                                                                                        

Contact Kievfun Contact for  More Info Here 


Girls – Kiev Girls for Dating and Marriage or Fun Night Out with Sexy Young Lady in Kiev

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Girls in Ukraine

How Hot The Girls Really Are, Without Hype

There are many rumors and sayings about the girls in Kiev. But the question is, how they really are? Without any hype or pretense? How are they for real? It was my first time in Ukraine when I found out that girls there are simply beautiful the way they are. What comes to your mind then? It is easy to get laid there?

Well, good question. Most of the opinions you can find on the internet are very different. Polarised reviews either say it is a paradise, or that it is completely overrated. And so I wanted to find out myself. And that is how my trip to Ukraine begun.

Indeed, travellers can get sexual favors for money very easily. But that is not the same thing like getting a gorgeous decent girl.

Those do not usually put their pants down for you on any occasion as you may think. Unlike western girls, Ukrainian beauties are not available after a couple of drinks.

Kiev city sex

First, you need to know what the city of Kiev is like.

Let me give you some impressions of the city I learned myself. You might be an introverted or little bit shy or you might not be the best looking guy on the planet, there is still a chance for you.

The one thing you need is knowing how to start. There is a unique communication technique I discovered.

In general, Kiev is a very safe city, so no need to be worried and hold back. Downtown area actually feels like any other modern city.

Ukraine Has introduceed new online visa to many countries. All Visa information here Ukraine Visa Information.

From The Airport

The way from Boryspil international airport to Kiev city centre is a tour through the history of the Soviet Union. Along the way, you will see different architecture, modern western fast foods hidden under the grey Soviet exterior.

There is an extreme, bizarre, yet imposing contrast between the past and present. Malls and restaurants are usually filled with the sound of English/American music. But when you step out, you will be back in Ukraine. Kiev is a cold city. The nice weather doesn’t usually start until the end of April.

Price-wise, it is cheap in Kiev. Maybe not extremely cheap, but you will be allowed to treat yourself like a prince you are. Although, clothes for instance is slightly more expensive than in the USA.

When it comes to grocery shopping, the selection is quite poor compared to other countries.

Getting around in Kiev

Getting Around in Kiev

Getting around the city is easy and it won’t cost you a fortune. They have a simple metro system which will get you around fast. Majority of the young generation speaks at least a basic English, in case you get lost and need some help.

Street signs are written in the Cyrillic alphabet though, which makes it complicated when it comes to finding your way on the map. But you will get used to it after a while.

Transportation with taxi is a relatively cheap option for getting around. But again, there might be a barrier as some drivers do not understand English at all.

Kiev Girls

The Girls in Kiev 

Many girls in Kiev like to look good and feel good about themselves. They like to wear high heels, even when it’s freezing cold and icy outside.

I have travelled across many countries in Europe and have never seen such thing. High heels are really a must and those girls walk around in such a beautiful way.. Like an eye candy!

They do like to dress to impress. Compared to other European countries or the USA, you will notice very nice dresses and styles, fancy and expensive hairstyles and shining accessories.

Men are also dressing up nicely, so you will need to try a bit. Black is a very popular colour among men population.

Slim girls in Kiev

The Cons – Kiev Girls

Indeed, there are some downsides to the city. Girls in Ukraine are in general really slim, often almost to the point of a malnourished look. Therefore, if you prefer curvy ladies with hips, boobs and butts, you will be most probably disappointed.

Most of the girls have pale skin, chocolate brown eyes and hazel hair. You wouldn’t find much of a diversity in terms of their look there. There are not many exotic looking, tanned ladies.

Also, the city itself is rather dull and gray. Of course, there are some architectonic gems and landmarks worth seeing but it will wear pretty fast. Therefore, beautiful girls and parties are the main reasons to go outside.

Why do Kiev girls have such a reputation for being so beautiful?

Beauty is such a weird perception. Who is to say who is pretty and who is not? It may all be just an illusion. A lot is influenced by their high heels.

Heels can make even short girls look tall and confident, with long legs which are always appealing to the men’s eye. It’s a way of beauty accessories to fool your mind.

Another thing is make-up. Most of the girls put a great effort into transferring their faces into a little masterpiece with couple of beauty products.

Popular is also hair coloring and hair straightening. Last but not least, tight dresses help highlight their slim bodies. But to be completely honest, if you bump into a group of Italian or Swedish girls, they would be equally eye catching.

What distinguish Ukrainian girls so tremendously from others is femininity. There is so many girls who could be hotter than 99% of Ukrainian girls, only if they tried.

But most of them have a bad posture, eat junk food so their tummie are popped and they wear comfy clothes. If they had a proper diet, exercised and wore flattering and sexy clothes and heels, they would blow away the pale Ukrainian girls in a second.

Ukrainian girls simply try a bit harder and get the most out of their effort. And the reputation is a proof, though it is made up by a beauty illusion.

There are some other factors making Ukrainian girls look or appear sexier than the rest as well. They have a good physical condition and fit bodies from walking everywhere and working hard as the country is quite poor.

Ukrainian population is relatively young, thus many young and good looking girls walk around the streets.

Another thing is English. As soon as you say a sentence in English on a street, girls notice you instantly. Trust me or not, this factor boosts up guys’ ego enormously.

Getting attention from a pretty girl raises discourse around the topic among other guys. And more attention girls get, the more hype circulates around and thus helps raise the good reputation.

As a conclusion, remember one thing – beauty is a relative term. If you come from an older and overweight part of the world, Ukraine will be a true paradise. If you come from Sweden or Italy, you will probably only shake your head in disbelief. Who knows.

Kiev Girls nightlife

Nightlife & Kiev Girls 

The nightlife game is strong. However, you would surely find cooler places on earth than Kiev. Unfortunately, if you go out, majority of the girls you meet outside clubbing and partying are hookers or gold diggers of higher age.

Most of the regular and genuine girls can’t really afford to go out, so do not expect to meet your girl next door in a club. Therefore the advice for you is to stay out of a club if you’re looking for a decent girl and future wife.

Day time Kiev Girls

Daylight and kiev Girls

Avoiding the nighttime, you will still have plenty of opportunities during the day to open your game. Most girls walk a lot almost everywhere and the great system of Metro help to the opportunity to simply bump into THE girl right on the street. One of the best and standard spots to meet some pretty lady is the Khreshchatyk street.

Another great much preferred, the idea is to go to some of the more upscale places like Tolsoho Square and Olimpiiska metro stations.

Are The Kiev Girls Easy?

From what rumors say, the situation used to be different. As a dirty backpacker from the western world, you could just walk in and pick up a girl with a slightly decent English, almost like walking in the candy store and deciding which one to pick.

But to be honest, those kinds of days are long gone. If you don’t have the charisma to pick up a girl back home, you won’t stand a chance in Kiev,.I’m sorry to tell you that. Don’t expect girls to come to you, you gotta do the work. You can’t be sloppy or shy.

They will notice you if you speak English, dress nicely and behave like a (gentle) man. If you want to stand out, you need to be different.

Remember one thing though, the hottest girls you know from the magazine cover are only a small fraction of girls you will see in Kiev. On the other hand, as we mentioned before, it is all just a matter of perception and effort.

Additionally, do not forget that most of the girls in Ukraine come from truly traditional families. Most of them even still live with their parents. Therefore, taking her to your own place (hotel, apartment) for a quickie can be harder than you think.

Most of the guys will also appreciate the attention you get from a Ukrainian girl, once you got into her bubble. They will value your personality and character if you have them – indeed. Be charming, original and funny.

Get into her heart first, don’t go into her pants. Once you get her heart, you’ll be her prince on the white horse.

The Future & Kiev Girls 

Thanks to the easier process of getting an entry visa, tourists from many countries started to discover this beautiful country. Streets are getting crowded and travellers and backpackers flooded the capital.

On the other hand, the situation is still not as bad, so you will still be considered as someone special as a tourist. But not for long anymore.

Read Travelling FIT on Travellerhints

The country is growing and getting richer every day and the future looks bright for Ukraine. With the money comes the comfort.

Ladies in Ukraine have opportunists to go to EU Countries and find best husbands with more many as well as good looking.  Your Chances are on the fence and be fit  and good looking otherwise no ladies for you, be honest. 

People in Ukraine will get more cars and eat more fast food – girls included. And that may drastically change the way they look. So, maybe in 50 years, girls won’t look as beautiful and fit as they look now. Who knows.

But this will surely take couple of years. So there is plenty of time for you to take your trip to Kiev. But hey, why not trying to find your dream girl today?

Well Contact Kiev Fun. I give you some Best Hints  you to FIND a dream girl. CONTACT Here 

Kiev Adventure Activities – Sexy Beach Party in Kiev for Travellers to Ukraine

Kiev Adventure

Kiev Adventure Info Guide  for Tourists to Ukraine

The capital city of Ukraine, Kiev (also known as Kyiv), offers plenty of opportunities for adventures for every traveler. It is a beautiful historical city with UNESCO-listed churches and amazing architecture telling stories of Kievan Rus.

On the other hand, Kiev has young neighbourhoods showing its future direction. Our Kiev tours will show you places away from the tourist crowds and thus let you see Kyiv in a different light – why not on bike, on foot, or even on kayak?

Kiev Beach summer

Trukhaniv Island is a little piece of party heaven, situated on the Dnieper River, opposite from the Podil neighbourhood. It is a place where you can find the best beach party in the summer in the entire city.

It is usually crowded with hot Ukrainian girls in their bikini, sipping their drink in one of the many beach clubs.

Swimming pools, beach, cocktails, sun, and all kind of sport facilities are what makes this place the top spot for beach party in a hot summer day.

Various events and organised parties almost every day may serve as an invitation to this unique place.

Kiev City Landmarks

  • See Kiev City Landmarks Adventure

With our tour guide, all important landmarks and interesting travel attractions  in this beauty on the Dnieper River. Kiev is full of exquisite architecture and impressive monuments.  During your guided tour, you will be shown all of them according to your your choices. 

Some of those are Saint Sophia Cathedral, Saint Andrew’s Church, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, The Church of the Savior at Berestovo, the Motherland Monument in Kiev, National Art Museum, The Church of the Tithes, Pyrohiv, the Golden Gates of Kiev, Ukraine National Chernobyl Museum, the A. V. Fomin Botanical Garden and many, many more.

  • Chernobyl Tour Adventure

Chernobyl is a unique and once in a lifetime experience only a short drive from the capital. It is located around 130 kilometers north of Kiev. Its name will surely remind you of the worst disasters in the history of mankind.

April 26, 1986, was the day when an explosion at the nuclear plant in Pripyat, village nearby, destroyed the fourth reactor of the nuclear complex.

This incident represents the largest nuclear disaster in history. Huge quantities of radioactive materials were released into the air and spreaded around not only the area and Ukraine, but also neighbouring countries and the continent.

The environment was damaged. People who lived in the area were forced to leave their home, plenty of them ended up harmed by the radioactivity.

More than 100 thousand people in total were forced to relocate. Nowadays, the 30-kilometer radius of the explosion remains guarded as the exclusion zone with limited access for the public.

The abandoned area today looks nothing like a liveable neighbourhood in once used to be. Decaying buildings and ruins taken by nature is all what is left.

  • Shooting Tour Adventure 

Adventure tours with aspects of extreme and adrenaline are fast growing tourist attractions among both Ukrainians and foreign travellers.

Our shooting tours are a perfect and original experience for you to get some special memories of the place in a different way.

Our clients are escorted to a shooting range in the outskirts of Kiev, where they learn about the use of firearms, safely and professionally. The supervision of qualified instructors and professionals will turn their practise shooting into a lifetime fun experience.

Try shooting with the legendary Soviet weapons such as the AK-47, AKM, Kalashnikov LMG. You will love the world-famous American weapons such as the M16 rifle, M-4 carbine, and Dragunov sniper rifle, as well as the amazing Ukrainian semi-automatic Z-10 rifle.

On the top, our clients can try the F-500 pump-action shotguns, Makarov pistols, CZ-75 Fort Revolvers, Fort-21, Glock-17, and small-caliber Margolin and Taurus pistols if they wish to.

  • Army Tank Driving Adventure 

Another brilliant and unique experience, almost one of its kind in Ukraine, is our Army Tank Driving tour! Come back to the childhood dreams and turn yourself into a tank driver.

Like almost every child, you will spend hours behind the “wheel” and be the one who leads the way. With our adventure tours, you will be introduced to the real thing. Let your childhood games come to life!

We will accompany you accompany through the whole process, from learning how to drive to driving a real T-62 Soviet tank.

Embrace the jaw-dropping sensation while driving this 40 ton beast with its 39-litre and 580 horsepower engine. Prepare for the wave of adrenaline as you master the wheel. Run over couple of junk cars prepared for the occasion and feel the power!

  • Flying an Aircraft Adventure 

Like many of us, you are probably used to flying on a large passenger aircraft. But a small place, that is something different!

Embrace the feeling of unity with the sky and the ability to take the whole thing in your hands. Enjoy the visibility from both sides as you will be flying with an open aircraft, just like trike, paratrike or a balloon.

It’s almost like you are touching the clouds. Fly over the horizon and to the infinity of the sky. Take your friends or family and enjoy this while where the time will feel like it stopped for a moment. Let all the problems and worries behind you and let yourself loose.

We can easily customise your needs and arrange the best experience for everyone. Choose from a balloon, trikes, airplane or even a helicopter and you will never forget your time up in the air.

  • Kyiv Helicopter Tour Adventure

All travellers to Kiev are welcome to our special experience. Ever wondered how this beautiful metropolis looks like from the air?

Let’s find out! We will give you the opportunity to see Kiev from the bird’s eye perspective, which will give you the unique possibility of exploring this city on a completely different level.

Admire Kiev’s most beautiful landmarks from a special angle and enjoy the freedom and speed you will simply love! Find the famous Dnipro River running through the city, explore the vastness of local lush parks and bask in the panorama view over the city.

The helicopter flight will let you explore both the northern and southern suburbs of the city, gorgeous view of the Kiev Sea as well as the city centre and its sights.

The speed and convenience of the flight will allow you to see everything you probably wouldn’t be able to see during the walking tour.

  • Hot Balloon Tour Adventure

Apart from the helicopter, we also offer you the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience and fly over the Ukrainian capital in a hot air balloon.

Kiev will open up in front of you and, again, you will be able to touch the sky like a bird and see everything from a bird’s perspective.

The basket of a balloon is a perfect and comfortable place for those, who do not prefer the speed. During the excursion, the basket will land on water in the middle of Dnipro River.

The professional staff will make sure that you are safe and sound. Hot air balloon is an original and unique way you will instantly fall in love with.

Museum of Strategic Missile Forces i


The Museum of Strategic Missile Forces is situated on the border of Kirovohradska and Mykolayivska districts. For a long time, the Soviet period, this missile base was close to the public. It used to be managed by the 46th Red Flag Division of the Nijniodniprovska Missile Order.

Visitors will have the chance to see the facility will have the chance to see the  most powerful missile of USSR, the R-36M2 “Governor”.

It was nicknamed “Satan” and represented terror for the USA and the entire world! In the past, the SS-24 “Scalpel” silo-based missile was also based here.

Nowadays, displays of rocket engines, mock nuclear warheads and auxiliary vehicles are available on site for visitors to see.

  • Pyrohiv

Pyrohiv, also known as Pirogov, is an open-air museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine. It originally used to be a village south of Kiev.

Nowadays it is a neighborhood in the southern outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. The word pyrohiv is actually a word for a “pie”, although the meaning has probably little to nothing to do with the place.

The museum was founded in 1969 and showcases more than 300 examples of folk architecture, carefully resembling the Ukrainian heritage.

You can explore more than 40 thousand items of traditional culture there, including household items, costumes, ceramics, handicrafts, woodwork, glassware, old textiles, instruments and paintings.

  • National Opera of Ukraine

First established in 1867, the National Opera House of Ukraine represents the third oldest Opera houses in the country (after Odessa and Lviv).

The Opera House is named after Taras Schevchenko. It is a beautiful architectural masterpiece made by an architect Victor Schröter.

Its first performance took place on November 8th 1867 and this day remains a city holiday. Every traveller visiting Kiev should go to see a performance in the National Opera of Ukraine at least once.

  • Hiking Carpathian Mountains Places Further From Kiev Adventure

Carpathian Mountains are a very popular place for all nature lovers. They are considered to be the Green Pearl of the country.

It is one of the most famous nature attractions with resorts and tourist centers in Ukraine. Carpathian Mountains offer beautiful blend of natural areas, forests, shepherds, meadows, and traditional houses, all in harmony with nature. Ant the harmony is what makes this place so wonderful and appealing to all tourists!

The Carpathian Mountains towering up  in the western corner of the country are not only perfect for hiking, but also ideal for all winter sports, skiing included. Although you might think that Ukraine is not much of a winter destination, it is quite the opposite.

All ski lovers will fall in love with Carpathian ski slopes. Getting popular not only among locals, but gaining more popularity even among foreign tourists, Carpathian are a worth the trip.

Skiing, ski jumping and all other fun activities on snow are backed up with cozy traditional village accommodation creating the charming atmosphere of Ukrainian winter.

  • Synevyr

Synevyr is a National Park and and also the largest lake in Carpathian Mountains, located in Zakarpattia region. The Synevyr Lake is situated at an elevation of incredible 989 metres above sea level.

The lake dates back to the post-ice age. The water level of the lake fluctuates by several meters and its maximum depth is around 20 metres.

The lake is also surrounded by a lush forest, which is more than 150 years old. The Synevyr National Park was established in 1974 and cover a total area of around 40 thousands square meters.

Synevyr National Park offers various fauna and flora, but one of the main attractions are brown bears living there.

  • Pochayiv Lavra

Pochayiv Lavra is a gorgeous monastery situated in Ternopil Oblast (region). It used to serve as the spiritual centre for the Orthodox flow in Western Ukraine.

The monastery is located on the top of the hill in Pochayiv town and it is dating back to 1527.

The Pochayiv Lavra is appealing thanks to its architecture, especially the lofty towers and exterior signalising the transition from baroque to neoclassicism.

  • Odessa Catacombs

Another great attraction for all adventure seekers are the Catacombs in Odessa. The secret network of tunnels under the city of Odessa in Ukraine used to serve for various purposes.

This mysterious place were constructed as a result of severe stone mining in the beginning. Late on, there were cases of smuggling as well.

The Catacombs have three levels with the maximum depth of 60 metres below the sea level. There are several stories and legends being told about the place, as well as rumours about secret parties happening underground.

Potemkin Stairs

The Potemkin Stair is a giant staircase in Odessa, Ukraine. Apart from being the entrance to the city from the ocean side, it is also one of the official symbols of Odessa.

The Stairs reaching 142 metres used to have various names, but were finally named after the Russian military leader Grigory Potemkin in 1955.

The Steps gained its popularity mainly thanks to a silent film called The Battleship Potemkin from 1925. Today, the first step is 21.7 metres wide, while the last step is only 12,5 metres wide – showing how narrod the staircase gets while climbing up.

  • Pidhirtsi Castle

Castle de la Fartin Polish is a vast castle complex situated in the village called Pidhirtsi nearby the city of Lviv, Ukraine. Pidhirtsi Castle is luxurious, fortified palace in Renaissance style.

Thanks to its perfect preservation, it belongs to one of the most popular castles in Ukraine. History of this elegant place dates back to the 17th century.

The luxurious palace was heavily fortified by strong walls and deep moat to protect the place from enemies.

By the end of the 19th century, the situation looked back. Its owners neglected the castle badly and it had to go through a reconstruction. Nowaday, both the interior and the exterior look wonderful and attract tourists from all over the world.

  • Khotyn Fortress

The fortification complex of The Khotyn Fortress is situated on the right bank of the Dniester River in Khotyn – Chernivtsi Oblast in the western part Ukraine. It is a large tourist attraction as it also belongs among the biggest wonders of Ukraine.

The Fortress looks magnificent, its towers are over 40 metres high.

The beginning of the construction dates back to the 10th century when it used to serve for Kievan Rus and its Prince Volodymyr as his border construction.

Nowaday, it is an important cultural centre of the country, representing both French and English styles of castles.

  • Arboretum Sofiyivka

Arboretum Sofiyivka is a botanical garden and a scientific-researching institute belonging to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The garden is located in the north of the Uman city in central part of Ukraine. The park is very popular, each year there is about half a million tourists visiting.

The part covering around one square mile reminiscence a style of an English garden. The arboretum as such dates back to 1991, although the landmark itself gathered people fond of gardening since the beginning of the 19th century.

There is more than two thousand local and exotic trees, including gingko, tulip tree and Weymouth Pine.

There is several sights, including for instance the House of Science Art, the smaller Geneva lake with a fountain in its centre called “Snake” or a Flora Pavilion.

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Kiev Fun – Kiev Nightlife – Hot Ladies and Kiev Activities are the Best for Travellers

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Kiev Fun

KIEV FUN Travel Info Guide for Travellers 

Despite being such a metropolis of Eastern Europe, Kiev nightlife can actually end up either or. Unfortunately, more often than ever, it’s often more of an “or”, than anything else. There is always a chance to go wrong.

The news is, on the other hand, that when you find the right place, it’s a top! Ukrainian nightlife scene is almost iconic and it will surely become one of your favourite travel memories. On the top of that, most of the visitors tend to come back, again and again.

Kiev fun Nightlife

Even though some places might be super overpriced, in general Ukraine is a very affordable place – most of the places are very reasonable!

Unlike in for instance Vegas or similar party city, you cannot simply go out any day and bump into something special to do. People in Kiev don’t just to out to get wasted on a Tuesday night.

Also, Kiev also does not have that kind of energy like a world class metropolis such as New York has around the clock – it gets quiet and calms down during the weekday nights.

Kiev fun best sex

KIEV FUN – Beautiful Girls in Kiev

Said by many men (including plenty of those we personally know), women from Ukraine are considered to be the most beautiful looking ladies in the entire world.

Many guys would do literally anything to get a chance to date Ukrainian girls. And event to settle down with her and start a family, if the fortune favours.

Ukrainian females are to be not only truly attractive when it comes to their appearance, but they are also very intelligent and kind.

When you are visiting Kiev, make sure you look around yourself carefully – you you will see gorgeous ladies everywhere.

Streets, shopping malls, restaurants or cozy cafes are full of them. You might even meet your future wife in a museum, strolling through a gallery or enjoying some afternoon sun in the part.

Don’t be surprised to meet them during a business meeting or a real estate exhibition.

Kiev food

KIEV FUN – Ukrainian Dishes

Some of the most delicious and well known Ukrainian traditional dishes are borsch and varenyky (dumplings). Borsch is a very popular soup common in Eastern European cuisine.

The symbolic red or pink colour of the dish comes from beetroots, which are the main ingredient. It also includes bone stock or meat, different kind of sauteed vegetables (such as cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes].

The preparation takes several hours and the final delicious soup with a sweet and sour taste is often served with a spoon of sour cream on the top.

Varenyky, also known as pyrogy, are famous filled dumplings, characteristic for Central Europe and Slavic nations. They can have different fillings – from sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese and potatoes to fruit.

They are usually served with a filling which underlines the filling’s flavour – sour cream, onions or butter.  

Explore the enchanting culinary secrets and traditions of Ukrainian cuisine during a fun cooking class in a local kitchen. Cook along experts and master your cooking skills of delicious borsch and original varenyky under the lead and guidance of an experiences host.

Eventually, taste the results of your creations and preserve the recipes of national Ukrainian dishes, so that you can surprise your friends later and brag about your cooking skills.

  • KIEV FUN – Private Food Tours

What would be a visit to Ukrainian metropolis without trying some of their taste buds teasing jewels? You are totally right, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the food tours!

  • KIEV FUN – Ukrainian Cuisine Tasting

Treat your tongue and please your taste buds with delicious Ukrainian cuisine within a playful 3-hour lasting private cuisine tasting tour. It includes lots of eating and walking and you will be led by a real expert food guide.

They will make you try some of the most iconic Ukrainian dishes, including pyrogy, borsch, and salo. You will also learn about their culinary traditions.

Moreover, you will get the chance to enjoy a nice walk around the city center, letting you discover many of the popular Kiev attractions. Last but not least, you will also pay a visit to a colorful Bessarabskiy market .

  • KIEV FUN – Kiev Craft Beer Tour

When your tummies are filled with deliciousness fo Ukrainian cuisine, it’s time to wash it off with a perfectly made craft beer.

Our Kyiv Walking Beer Tour is a real pleasure for any craft beer lover. You will get a chance to try the best of local brewing, plus you will discover all the secrets of the beer industry and its history.

Kiev fun sweet tour

  • KIEV FUN – Kiev Sweet Tour 

Finally, the chocolate master class is the attraction for all sweet lovers. Try to prepare a set of chocolate sweets and hot chocolate drinks, deguste some of the hand made masterpieces and take a half a kilo of this brown delish home with you!

You will be visiting one of the most popular confectioneries in Ukraine and experts will show you everything about how the chocolate candies are done including the history in Ukraine. The tour includes transfers, local guide, food and beverages.

Kiev funBolling clubs

 KIEV FUN – ExitGames

ExitGames are gaining in its popularity in recent years and Kiev is no exception. If you love adventure and adrenaline, if you enjoy teasing your brain and pushing yourself and your limits, ExitGames are for you! Here is the list of some of the most popular ExitGames in Kiev with the highest ranking by visitors.

KIEV FUN – Quest Rooms Locky

Win the quest and find your way out of an exciting and impressive ExitGame, engaging your emotions and feelings! Different quests are for instance: Harry Potter, Atlantis, Alice in Wonderland, Wild West and much more

IKIEV FUN – Dea Quest

Fun, full of riddles and filled with logic. Idea Quest will surprise you with its excellence. Available in English as well, indeed.


Try to escape from a sinking Titanic or a room like from a horror movie SAW before your time runs out. Solve all the riddles and use your logic to win this impressive and clever ExitGame.

KIEV FUN – Vzaperti

Vzaperti means locked and that is precisely how you will feel. A room full of puzzles and riddles is where you need to escape from within an one hour time frame. Good luck!

KIEV FUN – Pod Zamkom – Quest Room

Highly recommended, made by a team of experts – Pod Zamkom a quest room filled with fun and uneasy puzzles, which will make you think!

KIEV FUN – Three After Midnight | 03:00

One and half hour lasting ExitGame full of unexpected and unpredicted situations and precise set-ups in a complete dark for a top experience. Not an ordinary ExitGame at all!

KIEV FUN – Mysterium

Another escaping masterpiece with exciting riddles in a paranormal world dealing with apparent death. What is normal and what is not anymore?

Kiev fun Virtual Reality Club

KIEV FUN – CUBE – Virtual Reality Club

Try the archer or a sci-fi shooter, this virtual reality ExitGame is a great opportunity for you to try virtual reality gaming.

KIEV FUN – Element

A top class fitness club located in Kiev. Visit this luxurious place to enjoy one of the best complexes in the city. You can choose from several pools, try fitness, play tennis or squash, lay on the beach while sipping cocktails and finish it all up in the restaurant serving delicious food. No worries if you have a baby, your little one will be also taken care of!

KIEVFUN – Aerodynamic Tunnel

The aerodynamic tunnel in Kiev is another great attraction for all adrenaline and thrill seekers. This unique opportunity allows you to try the free flying experience.

You will have the professional equipment and the safety standards will ensure your safety. Professional instructors will lead you through lesson and this real simulator will make you feel like a bird.

No matter what your age or gender is, enjoy flying in sit & head down position as well as belly position.

Kiev fun landmark

KIEV FUN – Fell the Nature & Historical Landmark in Our City 


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Tunnel Of Love in Ukraine Most Romantic Place in Ukraine

Tunnel of love Ukraine

The TUNNEL OF LOVE is the most romantic place in west of Ukraine

If I call it a mesmerising marvel of nature causing dumb amazement or a deep outcry of surprise you may call me a sentiment adorer of nature.

You cannot be sceptical for what I say is reality itself. What really is it I am trying to tell you?  Well … this tunnel of love is nothing but an industrial railway neal Klevan in Ukraine.

It starts at Klevan station on Kovel-Rhine. The whole line is about 6.4 km in length and about 4.9 km is covered by forest on either side.

This railway splits into two and one line leads to Klevan while the other leads to a secret military base belonging to the cold war era.

The trees alongside the railway track is a result of a deliberate attempt made by man to cover the railway with planting of trees.

However, now this looks ever so mysterious a product of nature with its green arches. The tunnel of love is kept trimmed not by the movement of the military trams but by the industrial freight trains transporting plywood from the plywood factory in Orzhiv.

Tunnel of Love west Ukraine

Plywood produced using Birch trees are transported using this railway track. The tunnel of love is about 100 m away from the factory. So this is the tunnel of love in Ukraine.

Its importance is clearly seen in the number of tourists who are both local and foreign, who haunt his sylvan phenomena to see its green arches that give it the appearance of a green tunnel.

It is popular among love birds who come here to walk through this tunnel hand in hand with such romantic outlook of mood as if to hide themselves from the rest of the world and feel inexpressible, genuine love in this sylvan location.

Also the newly weds find the tunnel of love a real treasure house of nature with its unique beauty and they are ever so willing to capitalize on this location to add beauty to their memorable wedding photos.

What with the presence of tourists, what with the haunting of couples in love and what with the newly weds having their photo shoots, the train operators find it really hard to operate.

However, the tunnel of love enjoys its popularity like mad and the number of tourists are on the increase now that information about this green phenomenon is available on the social media and the Internet.

There, indeed, is no official protection and it does not have a guardian either. The attempt to cut trees just to help trains move smoothly was met with objections and it was given up once and for all.

That is to say, without state patronizing or guardianship this place is protected with the love of public in Ukraine. This, for sure a heritage or a birthright of the public of Ukraine now.

Oh the traveller, you can feast your eyes on a live and vivid picture of a green tunnel, made up of trees. Yeah, green arches encapsulating the presence of a railway.

For the romantic nature lover nature at its supremacy of beauty is seen in the eye catching, enticing, flashingly spectacular natural beauty contrasted with the railway and trains representing the direct opposite of romantic beauty – that is industrialization.

tunnel love Ukraine

This beautiful location inspires poetic thoughts, on the aesthetically inclined individuals, it inspires tranquility of the mind. It inspires wonder at the marvellous creation of this sylvan phenomenon.

And for the people in Ukraine it inspires nothing but national pride for having inherited such a unique place of beauty to make Ukraine well known throughout  the globe.

Nestled in this way in Klevan as a creation – yeah, a creation of nature as a result of man’s involvement in his industrial endeavour.

That is, in his creation of the railway line. The tunnel of love is an everlasting beauty in your memory once and for all if ever you happen to get the experience. You can relive this experience later at any moment with it spectacular natural beauty.

To get to this location, the tunnel of love, it is not advisable to use the bus with the problem of language barrier as the reason.

Klevan, being a rural town in Ukraine is located nearby Rivne which is one of the biggest transportation hubs in Ukraine.

You could possibly use either the train or the bus. Trains could be a better mode of transport than the bus. There is no flexibility in your travel arrangement with trains, though.

Travel in one fast train between Kiev and Rivne. There are trains that take 7 hours which means a great waste of your time. Bus rides are more flexible, faster and are better catered to your requirements though there is the possibility of the language barrier if you do not know the language.

Buying tickets for busses beforehand is advisable for they throng with locals usually. Taking possession of a seat cannot be guaranteed, though.

You can also get a mini bus from Rivne. They start as early as 5 am. There, usually is a big crowd there. Look for a bus with the sign Klevan. It takes 45 minutes.

You go through the most rural landscape of Ukraine. It costs you 18 UAH. As soon as you get to Klevan, be on the lookout on the right side of the road for a white arrow pointing to the direction to the Tunnel Of Love. If you are in doubt you might as well ask the driver of the halt to get off.

You could possibly take a taxi which would cost about $25 in total and only takes three hours. My recommendation is that you make arrangements once you get accommodation to find a fairly priced taxi. Though you can go by train or by bus I strongly recommend travelling by car or taxi.

Try Rivne Hostel. This is clean and comfortable with bunk beds with individual lights and outlets. However, the toilets and the sink are in separate rooms. So are the showers.

That is not a problem at all, though. You could also try hotels. However check out best Rivne hotel prices beforehand.

Your visit to the Tunnel Of Love is an exploration to a natural treasure trove. So make much of  your visit and get the maximum of its beauty.

Plan your travel arrangements and accommodation and choose the best options. A visit made to this sylvan tunnel, is endowed with romance, love, beauty and amazement.

Yeah, happiness is what matters mate. Let me conclude with once assurance, that is what you gain when you visit the Tunnel Of Love the money you spend is not indeed a loss.

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Tunnel Of Love on Google Map Here 

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