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Why you should get personal tour guides?

The region of Eastern Europe still belongs to one of those mostly undiscovered parts of the world, especially for tourists from the West.

There is so many stereotypes causing unrealistic fears about Ukraine and surrounding countries. However, as a personal experience, we can say that all people who visited Ukraine we met claimed that Kiev has something special about itself. There is a special vibe running around the city.

Outside of the city center, it would be really hard for you to find crowds of tourists exploring hidden gems. There’s no such thing as being afraid of getting robbed by bunch of people, or being harassed by a selfie stick of other tourists.

An experienced tour guide will explain you everything. They will show you all you need to see, including those places you would probably never thought of visiting. They will take you around, off the crowded places, off the beaten path.

Moreover, a good tourist guide know where to go and where not to. They will name you all good bars and clubs in a heartbeat.

They can recommend you the best restaurants with delicious local food to try. They won’t drag you to overpriced parts of the city and make you spend fortune for lame souvenirs, like you would probably do by yourself.

They will explain you all differences, uncover interesting stories behind every architectonic beauty in the city.


They will also guide you when it comes to nightlife activities, partying and getting the most out of your trip when it comes to beautiful girls and even sex, if you wish to discover.

Ask them about the easiest places for hookup and you will save so much of your precious time trying at the wrong location.

Last, but not least, a tour guide is there for you to overcome any language barrier you will definitely face while in Kiev. They can be your mouth, while your eyes are enjoying all the beauty.

They can get you the best deals and best prices. They will assist you with bookings or taxi or transportation (which can get difficult in Kiev).

Reasons to Travel to Kiev

Kiev is simply amazing. From all the above mentioned, you will remember your trip for a long time after it’s over and be wanting to come back.

It is a metropolis full of beautiful girls, bursting nightlife with some great bars and clubs to spend your night. It is a place where you can afford luxury for a reasonable price and feel like a king or a queen.

Kiev will serve you some of the most delicious Ukrainian cuisine, provide you with plenty of relaxation possibilities and some true touristic gems! Don’t hesitate any longer!

TOUR GUIDES Will help you to find best Massages and much more fun in Kiev Ukraine.

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